How do we make health care better? Simple.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get the most out of your Texas Health Aetna Plan: to know more, do more and save more. Here are some key features and benefits for State Farm members.

Finding a PCP* or network doctor is easy with our online directory. You can find doctors by name, specialty and location. You’ll also find maps, directions and more. You can even look for doctors who speak your language. Here's how to start:

  • Login to your member portal, or enter a ZIP code, city or state to search within a certain area.
  • You can also choose from the list of common searches for providers, conditions and procedures or enter a provider’s name into the search tool.
  • Once you make your selection, your results will appear.
  • You can filter your results, locate contact information or view patient ratings.

24/7 access to a doctor, for free with Anytime MD.

It’s tough to find time to see a doctor. But with our Anytime-MD app, you have one on call in your pocket, wherever you are, whatever the hour. One text, and a local doctor will respond within a minute, assess your care needs, help get an appointment or a referral, even send a prescription to the nearest pharmacy. It’s 24/7 peace of mind and it’s free to all members. To learn more, visit

Appointments on your time.

Who wants to wait an average of 24 days to see a doctor or specialist? Call us and we’ll get you timely appointments that fit your schedule, when you need them. We can also send a DispatchHealth care team to your home via the Anytime-MD app, while walk-ins for non-emergencies are welcome at any MinuteClinic® in your neighborhood.

Personal support for serious care.

If illness or injury puts you in the hospital, or you if you have a chronic condition, we provide care coordinators and teams to guide you through the process of getting well. They’ll keep you informed, coordinate treatment, liaise between specialists and help schedule follow-up appointments. So all you need to focus on is getting back to better health.

What do I want from my health plan?

Piggy Bank Illustration

Better benefits for an affordable price*

Treadmill Illustration

A plan focused on wellness, not just sickness

Stethoscope Illustration

Doctors and staff who communicate with you and each other

Illustration representing a network of doctors

A special network of primary care doctors**, specialists and hospitals focused on you

Illustration of a heart with heartbeat

Better coordination of care for chronic conditions

*The plan pays benefits for in-network care only. Remember, you'll save money and get more coordinated care when you stay in the Texas Health Aetna plan network. In emergencies, you'll have coverage for out-of-network care. But, if you go out-of-network for routine or non-life-threatening care, just know that you'll be responsible for the entire cost.
**In Texas, PCP is known as physician (primary care).

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What do I want from my health plan?

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